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Hello. We are MakersBox.

Our journey started in 2016, as an Idea to work with students to give them skills to innovate. Over the years we have grown to be a reckonign brand in STEM Education, Entrepreneurship Programmes, Hackathons and Innovation education both in Schools and Universities across India.

MakersBox is evolving, and changing direction on how education is done in India. From our maker-space programms in schools, to our curriculum subscriptions for schools that have their own makerspaces. MakersBox also offers programms for corporates, industries to run Hackathons, Innovation Programmes and adopt Industry 4.0 solutions.

What we do.

School Maker Spaces

STEM Education plays a vital role in our education system. Our Maker Space Programmes in school teaches children, not only to adopt STEM as a future option, but helps them become future innovators. Over the years MakersBox has worked with leading schools across India, Nepal and Bangladesh helping them build and run their school maker spaces and inspire the next generation to innovate and invent.

Not for Profit

MakersBox Foundation works with Children at the Bottom of the Pyramid, training them for 21st Century Skills, so that they not only become an inclusive part of our societies, but have a potential to lead in the future. We depend on Individual and CSR Donations to bring our STEM Education programes, and Project Based Learning philosophy to kids, to children, who need it the most. To learn more about Makersbox Foundation, click here

Maker Space / STEM Curriculum

MakersBox provides curriculum for STEM Education, Maker Space Technologies, and using Project Based Learning for School Maker Spaces, that is aligned with learning objectives based on CBSE and IB Curriculum. Our project based learning activities are designed to be inclusive, and interesting, resulting in learning objectives to be met across the STEM space, inspiring children to learn and explore fundamentals, and become self inspired life long learners.

University Program

While at College / University, students learn basics and theoretical knowledge about how to solve problems, but when they come into the work force, they are at times unable to apply this knowledge.

Hackathons / Innovation Campus

Whether you are a family run business or a startup, getting fresh talent to solve new problems is a challenge all of us face. MakersBox helps you run Industrial Innovation Hackathons / Innovation campus programmes with leading universities in India, helping you get a peek into how new problems can be solved using innovative new solutions, as well as identifying talent, that can be absorbed into your organisation to ensure you are always at the cutting edge of products/services you provide to your customers.

Industry 4.0

Over the years at MakersBox we have developed products for Environmental Monitoring, Energy Consumption Monitoring, Meeting Room Management Systems and other Industrial Automation products. Our partnership with System3 - India's Leading IT Managed Serivces provider helps us leverage cloud and IT Services to offer vertical specific Industry 4.0 Solutions.

Get In Touch With Us.

If you are a school interested in MakersBox Programmes, and or an Organisation looking at Bringing Innovation Workshops, Hackathons and Industrial Automation, feel free to get in touch with us.

Where to Find Us

301, Siddharth Building
96, Nehru Place
New Delhi 110019. India +91.11.408.44720