Education is a human right with immense power to transform. It is a bridge from misery to hope and every child is entitled to it regardless of the economic status.

MakersBox has a Mini Lab at the Dr. Ruhi Foundation School. The Lab Focusses at Children between the ages of 4 and 10. Dr. Ruhi Foundation school caters to the children of Slum Dwellers in and around the Greater Noida, Noida region, where their kids are given free education, free meals, and a great chance to learn. The MakersBox Mini Lab enables them to learn about Innovation, as well as enables learning in all five of our verticals of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM).

MakersBox teachers, makers and mentors work with children at an easy pace, walking them through experimentation and innovation in subjects that the kids love. We have had an overwhelming response of kids trying to think of Robots that will clean their house, to city wide machines that will keep the country clean, and even excuses of building a machine that will do their homework so that they can play.

The MakersBox Mini Lab is a Part of the Social Responsibility at MakersBox

List of Equipment at MakersBox Mini Innovation Lab @ Dr. Ruhi Foundation School

  • Hand Tools

    We have a Series of Tools from Bosch,  Skil & Stanley, that let our kids use Screwdrivers, Nose Pliers, Electric Screw Drivers, to Wrenches and other tools that let them learn mechanics of things.

  • Arduino DIY Kits

    Our basic Arduino Kits enable our kids to learn about programming, working with Electronics and making things. A bunch of sensors, boards and other things allow us to work with them on innovation beyond their school levels.

  • Arts & Crafts Material

    A very important aspect for our learning is the use of Arts and Crafts Material. With stuff to play with and decorate what they make, the kids are given liberty to rethink design

  • Computers

    We have one Desktop that we share amongst students, this enables them to program their Arduino boards, watch videos and engage with each other.

  • 3D Printer

    We have a great 3D Printer, that allows us to print objects as the kids design them. A Prusa variant, our Printer comes from WanHao and is the i3 Duplicator. We print PLA on it and have customised it with a Glass Bed and some accessories as we work with Children, improving on our prints and enabling designs to come to life.

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