Beginner’s Electronics & Arduino Learning Kit

The MakersBox Electronics Learners Kit is an all in one kit that provides you with educational courseware as well as all the components that you will need to make your Arduino based projects come to life! 

  • Courseware With 8 Amazing Projects
  • 10 Sensors & Components
  • Jumper Cables, USB Cable & Breadboard Included
  • MakersBox Badge

Find the full list of components below.

Rs. 3,999 inclusive of taxes.
All orders before 31-12-2016 get a free Arduino board!

The Beginner’s Electronics & Arduino Learning Kit by MakersBox comes jam-packed with a full range of sensors and other components that you will need to get started on your journey into the wonderful world of electronics. From temperature sensors to touch sensors and LEDs, you’ll be using all of these to create the 8 wonderful projects included in accompanying manual. 

  1. Courseware with 8 Unique Projects
  2. Jumper Cables
  3. Breadboard
  4. RGB LED
  5. Servo Motor
  6. Temperature Sensor
  7. Touch Sensor
  8. 9W Battery Cap & Battery
  9. Buzzer Module
  10. Light Sensor
  11. Pen Drive
  12. Sound Sensor
  13. USB Cable
  14. MakersBox Badge

Note: An Arduino board is required for these projects. Get a free Arduino Uno board by placing your order before 31-12-2016. Limited period offer!