Air Pollution Hackathon

5th & 6th November 2016
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

Most of us choose Engineering for multiple reasons, and sometime we find ourselves at a disconnect with what we are doing in an Engineering College. Taking a cue from this, and the 1000 PPM that Delhi reached in the first week of November of 2016, MakersBox organised a 2 Day Hackathon at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi.

We invited 40 odd Engineering Students from First Year First Semester, who had just joined college a few months back to come be a maker for  day. Pacing them through an introduction to Hardware, The Problem Statement, and Introducing them to concepts of making a hardware solution, we bunched them into 7 Teams of 5 Each, and gave them their first sight of what an Arduino Board looks like, and how sensors interact. The Students after an introduction session that lasted 4 Hours and interacted with each one of them on how to build the solution was wrapped up for the day and students were given an assignment to not only go back and understand what Pollution is, what the world wide standards are, and come up with a plan to build the hardware.

On the second day, 6th November 2016, the students got together and were put through a safety briefing on how to use tools such as Soldering Iron, Heat Guns, using Heat Shrink Tubing for protection and insulation of Soldered Cables, as well as some of them were introduced to a Bread-board for the first time and Arduino coding.

After a brief introduction to tools, Fritzing and how to use it, and the Arduino IDE – they were told to go back into their teams and were given 4 hours to come up with their build, with a possible solution of taking it forward.

The day wrapped up by teams showing not only the minimum desired result, but variations, as well as what they plan to do next with their solution. Words such as “this was fun”, “this was the hardest I have studied” to “man I wish all classes were like this” were heard around the classroom. The commotion and spirits were all high even though this was a Sunday, and this was not a class that was going to get them any credits back at school.