My First Robot

15th October 2016
Pop-up Maker Space at The British Library

Children today are surrounded by technology and with touch screen interfaces all around, as well as living indoors they tend to miss on developing some of the key motor skills, creative thinking abilities, and being a team player. Our workshop of building Your First Robot puts the child in the centre of decision making, working in teams to share materials available, and learning the basics of Electronic Circuits, Mechanical Skills and using their creative thinking to put together their first robot.

MakersBox organised a session for Junior School children, between the age group of 6 to 10 at the British Council, and introduced them to the wonderful world of making. Across this 3 hour class room session, children got to get their minds working on how they will build motion into a styrofoam cup, decorate it to look different from their classmates, learn new words as well as problem solve.

The Components used in this workshop include Styrofoam cups, googly eyes, motors, batteries, hookup cables, fans, modelling clay, ice cream sticks and other decorative material.