Making Music – Hackathon

30th November & 1st December 2016
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

Music is the Essence of Life, and generating electronic music is a lot of fun. In our series of Hackathons at IIIT-D, we wanted to make our 3rd Hackathon slightly more fun, and a little away from pure theory. Putting together a new team of 40 Engineering Students, we did an Interactive session on what Music is, and how do we differentiate music from noise. We also spoke about Octaves, Tones, and how they can be generated to Singing “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” Together.

A Simple Brief of What Music is, how one can generate music electronically, we started about our 2 Day Session. The Students were introduced to what Arduino Board is, and how to interface it to various sensors. They were also challenged to think how they would use sensors such as an Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor, to a Flex Force Sensor to produce music. Each of the team was walked through Leadership Skills, Problem Solving Skills and using Technology and Analytics together to bring together a solution.

Like in our Past Hackathons, Students were split up into teams of 5 Members each, and they had to go back study about Music, Research and then come back and build it as a team together the next day.

On the second day, 1st of December 2016 the group was full of enthusiasm and was looking forward to a build. After the Introduction to Safety and how to use tools such as  Soldering Iron, Heat Guns, using Heat Shrink Tubing for protection and insulation of Soldered Cables, they were left to build their music instruments.

The Day wrapped up in teams generating different tones, some used the flex sensor to adjust the octave, while some used the light sensor as a switch whether the device will produce music or not. The great fun part of this Hackathon or any Hackathon is that though the end results are similar in nature, the way problem is solved and what the end product is, is very different.

Working with various sensors and gaining information about their data sheets and relevant codes was a great experience, and gave new insights about Arduino, Arduino IDE and working of a system of physical devices as a whole.

Munish ThakralStudent
Sharan Pai

Arduino was a completely new concept as I have always had this phobia against hardware. But after today and yesterday’s session, I am very comfortable in tackling problems and resolving them using hardware.

Sharan PaiStudent

I have learnt how to develop a method to tackle a challenge / problem and how to incorporate modern day technology into building that solution. Particularly, I learnt about some basic sensors with Arduino’s working, this will help me to further develop more ambitious projects!

Mrinal PaliwalStudent

I have learnt how to develop projects using Arduino Uno and how to program in C (kind of – but I am way more confident now). I also coded actively in a project for the first time. The experience of working with a team and building a solution was amazing and so was the feeling.

Zoha HamidStudent