Pop Up Maker Space at The British Council, New Delhi

The British Library, KG Marg, New Delhi [19th June to 26th June 2016]

At MakersBox, we strive to inspire in all learners, a habit of innovation and invention amongst the next generation. Invention, however requires skills that go beyond school curriculums and learning at home. We setup a Pop Up Maker Space in the Summer Vacations of 2016, and what better place than the British Library, at the British Council, New Delhi.

As a part of our Pop Up Maker Space, we held 2 Workshops, Introducing Children to Electronics and an Introduction to 3D Printing.

Introduction to Electronics [19th June 2016]

The workshop took students through the essentials of electronics, introduced basic circuit building. The workshop also introduced students to tools like multimeters (both analog and digital) and how to work with them. This was followed by a breadboarding session where learners were taught about breadboards, their importance and how to use them when building circuits. The workshop concluded with a session on soldering with the learners soldering their very own circuit with LED’s, Wires and Batteries.

Introduction to 3D Printing [26th June 2016]

3D Printing is changing the world, whether it is printing that missing lego piece, to building your own robot, add creativity from children on to this and what you get is an amazing mashup of design and creativity. In this half day long workshop, children were introduced to 3D Printing, Designing their own 3D Objects as well as printing them. Kids experienced printing across various printers from an open frame Prusa variant, to a high end dual extrusion machine.