Vichar Se Rachna Tak – From Idea to Creation

Karnal Makeathon [24th & 25th December 2015]

That’s how we celebrate Christmas, we brought together 130 Girls that came out of the Ideathon that we held on the 9th December 2015 in Karnal, to a 2 Day Maker Event over 24th and 25th December and our Makers, Volunteers, Team Members and Engineers Helped us bring their 18 Ideas to Life.

The Projects the children made over the last 2 Days, Included:

1. A Musical Painting
2. A Rangoli that reacts to Objects Moving Around it
3. A CO Sensing Air Purifyer
4. A Rain Warning System
5. A Device to Tell the News
6. A Money Bank that sends an Message everytime it is Touched
7. A Woman SOS Device controlled by Bluetooth that sends an Emergency SMS
8. An Automated Fire Extinguisher
9. A Robotic Arm that Pats the Child when he / she is crying
10. A Smart Home with a Burglar Alarm that monitors the house in times when there is no one at Home
11. A Robot that can clean roads and collects Dirt
12. A Speaking Chair that Helps you sit better
13. A Prosthetic Hand controlled by another Hand
14. A Music Dress that Sings when you twist and Turn
15. Music Shoes that produce Beats when you dance
16. A Natural Disaster Warning Machine
17. A Musical Instrument that plays Music with Light and Air
18. A Musical Instrument that uses Water Level to Create Music

Over a 100 Girls participated in this event working closely with us. We got their projects working, and all of them running on the Intel Gallelio Boards, Gave them Certificates Co-Signed by our Team, Government of Haryanaand Intel India and now a chance to a few of them to be continually mentored…

Dr. J Ganesan, IAS

I have always believed in “You can be what you want to be, all you need to do is ask the questions, and people around you will help you find the answers”. Thank you MakersBox Team for helping the children of Haryana to learn about Innovation and Making

Dr. J Ganesan, IASDeputy Commissioner, Karnal - Government of Haryana
Harpreet Kaur Sapra

It was encouraging to see the response of the children, they come from humble backgrounds and the challenges they are trying to solve are real life issues they have seen. It has been great 2 days working with these children to help them take their ideas to reality.

Harpreet Kaur SapraCo-Founder & Maker Evangelist - MakersBox

From the Journey that started on the 9th of December where we had 1000 girls join us for an Ideathon, it is encouraging to see over a 100 girls who came together to make things. I am happy to say that we loved working with the MakersBox team and would like to invite them over again to enable more of our children to be Makers

Satish Kumar, HCSCity Magistrate, Karnal - Government of Haryana