The Future of City Traffic Management Systems – Building Automated Traffic Lights, and Systems that Will help us Handle the Ever-Growing Traffic in our cities.

Prototyping Solutions for Students with Learning Disabilities, and making our learning space more inclusive.

Creating Gender Inclusive Learning Spaces, to create opportunities for all genders to come and learn together.

Energy Audit: Monitoring and Management System for Electricity Consumption at Schools and Public Buildings.

Redesigning the Parking Spaces, in Schools and Public Buildings – With ever growing traffic, our cities are also running out of Parking Spaces.

The Weather Shift is Real, Climate Change – Global Warming are all making an impact, and we need to improve the way we make our buildings so that they have a cooler footprint and our earth is cool too.

Delhi is amongst one of the few urban cities surrounded by forests but the concrete jungle is slowly taking over, in such a scenario, how do we use technology to conserve our wildlife?

Healthcare solutions for the Students – whether you can hack into one of the wearables available today or design a new one, build solutions that will enable our next generation to be healthy.