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What is MakersBox

We believe – if given the right tools, teams and partners – anyone can innovate and invent. Our Maker Spaces are designed to let you tinker with tools and machinery, partner with amazing people and get mentored by the best in the industry, so that you can solve real problems.

Membership Plans


₹ 2,360

per month

Weekend Access

Clean Fabrication Tools & Equipment for
Prototyping Only


₹ 4,750

per month

Monday to Friday Access

Access to Heavy Duty Workshops for
those Big Projects


₹ 13,900

per month

7 Days a Week

Everything @ MakersBox & CoWorking Space
from SproutBox


₹ 599

per day

Monday to Friday Access

Not Ready, but want to try our facilities
for a day!

What can you expect at MakersBox

We have some fun toys, hmm to put it correctly – some great tools. If you are interested in woodworking, metalworking, electronics, programming, robotics, 3D Printing or anything at all – MakersBox is the space for you. Safety is the most important thing at MakersBox and everyone is required to complete a safety training before they use a tool. To check out our tool list – see our Facilities Page.

We are a community of thinkers, makers, and builders with years of experience building and hacking things. You would become a part of this amazing circle, that will offer you training on all the tools and equipment so that you can see your ideas come to life. If you need a mentor we will connect you with an industry expert, and if you are amazing at a skill – we would love to add you to our circle of makers.

Our memberships include 7 Days a week access and scheduled tool use. Reserve a tool, use it. We’re all adults here, even the high-schoolers. We don’t lock you in and we don’t lock you out. Your membership is month to month. Need to take a break? Cool. Just let us know.

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