Social Innovations

Social Innovations

Solving Real Problems using Social Innovation

Social Innovation

They said no one can re-invent the wheel, and then a woman in Africa went ahead and changed everything, they said we can't fight afforestation and then someone grew a forest."

When we look at a problem, we sit in a high floor glass building and talk about solving a challenge on the ground, this not only disconnects the way we see things, but also makes us loose empathy.

The fine line between empathy eventually turns into sympathy, and while a solution is found, the gap between the solution and the problem only ends up increasing.

India has a Billion Dollar Opportunity in Everything

It is very easy to blame the system, and to say this is not working, but that opens up a possibility of solving challenges in India for India, whether that is finding the solution to our ever growing trash piles, to solving our traffic problems based on our human understanding.

Our social scientists, business intelligence team members, and educators work closely with Industry, Innovators, Educators to enable Social Problem Solving by using Hackathons and Training Workshops.

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Our team of engineers, social scientists, trainers, educators and innovators are always ready to hold a hackathon, get a problem solved, or use skills such as empathy, design thinking, and real life problem solving skills to innovate together.

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