Impressum - Credits

This website would not have been possible without the hardwork and contribution of many of our team members, advisors and also artists who have shared their work with us to use on the Website.

The Foundation deeply values all contributions to sustain our mission.

  • Raja Rana [https://unsplash.com/@theranaman] - for his Image on our Policy Pages
  • Nikitha S [https://unsplash.com/@kryptonitenicky] for her Image of Child on What We Do Pages
  • Church of the King [https://unsplash.com/@cotk_photo] - for their image for Children on What We Do Pages
  • Zahra Amin[https://unsplash.com/@zahraamiri_] - for her Image of Child on our 404 Page
  • Jaikisan Patel [https://unsplash.com/@magictype] - for his image on our Education & Empowerment Page
  • Gagandeep Sapra [https://500px.com/thebiggeek] - for his images on our Home, Capacity Building, Research & Advocacy, and Skill Training pages, also for helping us build this website
  • You X Venturs [https://unsplash.com/@youxventures] - for their image on our Research & Advocacy Page
  • Wello Water [https://wellowater.org] - for inspiring us to solve problems and build scalable not for profits, and their image on our Social Innovation page
  • Austin Kehmeier [https://unsplash.com/@a_kehmeier] - for his photo on our Volunteer page
  • Jon Tyson [https://unsplash.com/@jontyson] for his photo on the FAQ's page
  • Unnamed

    A lot of our volunteers who helped put together this website, have requested their names to be kept as private. We appreciate your work, and you know who you are.


    For resources credited here, The Foundation does not own them or emphasizes any specific right on them. For all other resources, and or if you would like to get one of your images removed, please feel free to get in touch with us [https://staging.makersboxfoundation.org/contact-us.html]