Skill Training

Skilling for the Future?

Skill Training

While there exists, no set definition for Skills Gap, the general consensus is that these are deficiencies in performance caused by lack of skills for the workplace – or the lack of development thereof."

Another way to look at this is the evident contrast between the ideal performance and the actual performance in the workforce.

According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate had reached 34% among the 20-24 year old's in 2019, and with 8 million new job seekers joining the job market each year, lack of skills is becoming more and more evident.

Learn, Provide Insight, Solve Problems to Prepare for the Future.

Our training programs backed with our experience, and industry partners, our leading educators and workshops prepare the workforce to handle challenges that will come there way, as well as give them critical thinking ability to solve problems, that can not be defined.

Using the Maker Philosophy, Project Based Learning and Real life problem solving, students learn and retain skills for a life time. Our training and pedagogy teams open up conversations on how a problem can be looked at, how it can be solved in multiple ways, as well as encourage innovative solutions.

Skill Training
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Our Skills team works with youth, getting ready for the Job Market, to train them to use technology and technology resources to their fullest, as well as usage of machines, machine tools, best practices, safety guidelines to make the workforce ready for the jobs, that will exist in the future.

Empowering the youth of India to be Self Reliant Leaders

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